I love you, please hang up

January 10, 2007

Ten years ago if you called me and I didn’t answer, you’d leave a message on my answering machine telling me that you’d called and maybe inviting me to call you back. Today things are different: we have cell phones. I can see that you called whether you leave a voicemail or not. Leaving me a message that says “hi, it’s me, call me later, bye” only annoys me. Can you guess why? Clearly you cannot. I shall explain it to you.

If you leave a voicemail I have to check it. Checking it involves time and money. If you’re actually going to tell me something, fine. But if all you want to communicate is the fact that you called, then please hang up and do not leave me a message.

Look I love hearing from you. Really. I wish you called more. And if I don’t answer, and you have something to tell me, please leave a message. But if all you want is for me to know that you called, please just hang up when you hear the voicemail pick up.

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  1. I agree. I find blocked numbers even more annoying.

  2. May be just my service, but if I’m out of range or my phone is off when they call, I don’t get any notice that they called unless they leave a message.

  3. I think that it is rude if people call me and do not leave a message. Afterall I like to hear the voices of my family and friends.

  4. Good point. I call back if you call & don’t leave a message. Most people I know do too.
    As for when I call, I pretty much don’t leave a message, unless, like you said, I have something to tell them plus I think they may not call back. This is especially true if you call someone who is likely to know what you’re calling about anyway.

    Heck, so many times I call someone back and get their vm because they’re leaving me one.

  5. With Caller ID, you don’t even have to leave a message saying “It’s me, call me back.” You already know someone was trying to reach you.

  6. On the flip side of this coin, I hate when I call someone and actually leave a message with information, and the person calls me back without having listened to the message, so that I can repeat the same thing to them again.

  7. Yes, that is the evil flip side of this problem! I often call people back without having listened to their messages because so many of them contain no information.

  8. One challenge is that it’s hard to keep track of whether you’re calling a person’s cell or landline. My cell tells me I missed a call, but my landline doesn’t. So if you call my landline and don’t leave a message, I won’t know y0u called unless I remember to check my caller id list.

  9. Yes, this is definitely presuming you know you’re calling a cell.

  10. But I figure if you call and don’t leave a message you must not have wanted to hear from me that badly so I don’t call back.

    It’s a vicious cycle, I tell you.

  11. No, if I call your cell and I know it’s your cell… I don’t leave a message because you already see that I called. That is, unless I have some other specific information I want to give to you: I love you, the meat loaf is in the fridge, pick me up at 8, that kind of thing. If all I want is for you to know I called then I don’t leave a message because I know you’ll just waste your minutes and time deleting the unnecessary message.

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