I Can

January 14, 2007

Are there things you “never” get right? I was thinking about this because I very recently learned to spell “bureaucratic.” Prior to last week you could absolutely count on me not getting it right. And not just on the first try! I could sit and puzzle over it all I wanted and I could just not recall the correct spelling of that word. Lucky for me I live in an age where a dictionary is a click away. But no more! I guess it just goes to show that you should never say “I can’t”: I can’t run 5k, I can’t cook a proper steak, I can’t spell bureaucratic… maybe you just need to keep trying. I’ve always said persistence and determination can make up for almost any lack in natural ability.

Next week I’ll see if I can remember the difference between horizontal and vertical without having to (inexplicably) think of Jane Jetson wryly referring to her husband George as a “horizontal hero” after he simultaneously saves the day and knocks himself out. A man can dream.


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  1. Try this way of cooking a steak. Very easy, and works great.

  2. Tempting! I shall have to run it by my usual culinary consultants, Nina and Karen.

  3. Sounds GREAT to me and makes me wish, yet again, that I had a cast-iron skillet. I grew up with my mom’s, which were well-seasoned by the time I can remember using them. I shall have to pick one up, one of these days – as I recall, they are not that expensive…

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