Buy iPhone, Get Free Service – NOT

January 25, 2007

[AT&T (Cingular)] made it very clear that it’s going to use Apple’s iPhone to get customers from Verizon Wireless by giving away its service for a year and a half to those customers who buy the phone.
TheStreet.com TV Recap: Tech Signs (emphasis mine)

Whoa. That puts things the whole iPhone thing in an even better light.

Update: If true.

Update: Not true. Sigh.


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  1. Holy smokes! Yet another feature?! The iPhone actually pays for itself!!!

  2. Yeah, just like Bush’s tax cuts! 🙂

    Seriously, though. The only interesting aspect of this is that it’s a reversal of how this industry usually works. Typically one gets a discounted phone and pays full price for the service. This time one gets a full priced phone and discounted service. Interesting!

  3. The iPhone has yet to be released, so we’lll see. Deals will probably be offered for it.

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