January 25, 2007

Today after work I chopped an onion and threw it in a flat-bottomed wok with some mushrooms and garlic. I added tomato sauce and some Kalamata olives. Then I tossed in some cooked bow tie pasta. It was delicious.

And it’s the last thing I’ll eat until late Sunday morning.

It’s time once again for the annual 48-hour fast and martial arts seminar at J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy. I participated in this event last year and found it extremely rewarding. There was yoga, there was hap ki do. There was camaraderie with my fellow students; and of course there was the unique experience of cleansing oneself of holiday excess, and having a completely empty gut for once.

Among my fellow students this event is regarded as a good opportunity to jump-start those new year’s resolutions for healthy eating and weight loss. This is particularly relevant to me, as I’m about as fat as I’ve ever been. So, in preparation for the fast, and in preparation for a return to more thoughtful diet, I have cut back on meat, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and just calories in general. In fact, I have had no red meat or alcohol at all this week, and on no day did I break 1500 calories.

This all makes the fast more endurable. And it’s a good start on the road to losing a pound or two each week into the future if I can stick to it. (I’ll have to eat a little bit more long-term, but a week like this one can give immediate results and solidify one’s determination. Or so I hope.)

So I’ll suit up, line up, learn hap ki do, accupressure, yoga, and other things. I hear this year they have someone coming in to do a session on something called “verbal judo,” which is either really ferocious smack-talkin’ or it’s the mysterious art of kicking someone’s ass just by talking to them. (Maybe they’ll get Chris Rock to do the session, who knows.)

So anyway, that’s what I’m up to this weekend. And that’s why you won’t be hearing from me much. By Sunday night, however, I should have something up here indicating my return, and a few dozen pictures up on flickr, too. (Here’s some photos from last year, if you’re interested.)

Happy friday and have a lovely weekend everyone.


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