2007 48-Hour Fast

January 28, 2007

2007 hapkido seminar

I have returned from the weekend fast. (That’s me on your far right during the hapkido seminar.) I have eaten. And showered. And shaved. (Taylor’s Lemon & Lime and a Feather blade – nice.) So I feel human again. But I’m very tired now. I’m off to take a nap. Before I go, though, here’s a few random thoughts and facts about the weekend:

  • My 48-hour fast was actually 63 hours because the last meal I ate was dinner on Thursday night, not breakfast Friday morning.
  • This fast was easier than the one I did last year. It may have something to do with how restrictive my diet was the week prior.
  • Not only was there no food, but I also spent the weekend without shoes and furniture, not even a chair.
  • Hapkido is one of my favorite martial arts and grandmaster Chang is amazing. If you’re in the Naperville, Illinois area you should check out his school.
  • I have mat burns on my feet and hands (the only exposed parts of me outside my uniform) from getting thrown around so much.
  • Verbal judo is not really wicked smack-talkin’, as I suspected. It is a system of rhetoric used to defuse a conflict. As Sun Tsu wrote, “to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill.”
  • I took lots of photos. You can see some of them here.

To my fellow students: thank you for spending the weekend with me and sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and skill.


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  1. Congratulations, dear! That’s quite an accomplishment, something most people never do (me included).

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