10 Unconventional Diet Tips

January 29, 2007

Kyle Pott has a way of dieting that seems pretty simple. I have to admit that losing 50 pounds in 3 months seems excessive, but some of his unconventional tips really appeal to me, such as “weigh yourself every day” and “don’t diet on the weekends.” Check out all 10 of his suggestions here.


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  1. A diet is way of selecting and eating nutritution foods for the rest of life, not 2 weeks, 4 months or a year. Eat a balanced diet of the right foods, in the right amount for your activity level and exercise daily and you will slowly loose weight. The right amount is the balance between caloric intake and activity. Tip the balance scale a LITTLE lower on the caloric side and you will slowly loose wieght. Keep it level and you will stay an even weight. I lost 48 pounds over a year with no no special diet other than changing some bad eating habits, eating lower fat, more nutritional foods and greatly increasing my exercise through Tae Kwan Do. I still follow this diet and plan too for the rest of my life.

    Every time I hear “loose 50 pounds in three months”, or the “protein diet” or this or that diet, I really believe people don’t get the meaning of healthy diet and a lifetime change towards better health. Everyone wants a quick fix to many years of poor eating and no exercise. “Don’t diet on weekends”, my statement is don’t diet at all, just eat the right foods everyday.

    Scott, I’m surprised that you really follow these diet fads and quick weight loss “plans”. You just saw two Grandmasters this weekend in their mid-sixties that can kick both of our butts and are in great shape. Do you think they follow fad diets or have they just been just eating a healthy diet and exercising daily most of their lives? It’s simple, don’t overthink it, just get some discipline and eat healthier and exercise more often. If you can’t exercise as much, eat a little less. I know you already follow a fairly healthy diet, don’t mess it up with the next fad.

  2. You’ve written a surprising amount of patronizing advice for someone who doesn’t even know the first thing about my nutritional habits!

    I’m about the last person on earth who would ever participate in a fad diet. (Why I should even have to defend myself against such a charge is what’s baffling me.) In fact, I’ve been in many an argument with people about them. My position being: calories in, calories out; eat less, exercise more – and anything that distracts you from that might not only be a waste of time, but could even be a detriment to any weight loss goals you may have.

  3. Interesting tips in that article.

    I am actually on a similar weight loss goal mysekf right now. I intend to lose 50 pounds this year. I started on 1/1 and am down almost 14 lbs. so far.

    As for fad diets, I agree with you Scott – they’re no good. The problem I see with them is what happens to most people who go on them: once they deviate (even slightly) from the program, the weight starts creeping back up.

    I have made general lifestyle changes that will be easy to maintain once I reach my goal weight. Selecting foods wisely; consuming fat, sweets & alcohol in moderation – as opposed to the binging and gorging of my past; and overall portion control (skipping that 2nd helping of dinner). It’s more about getting oneself into a pattern of habitual self-control. Trying to follow a book or day-by-day checklist of items in these fad diets is just a recipe for failure.

  4. My knowledge of what your eating comes from the pictures of the food you cook and the sandwiches you have for lunch on your flicker account. You have talked about organic foods, healthy eating and even going vegetarian again on your blog. We have also had brief discussion about healthy eating. Unless you are also having Crispy Cremes and Ben and Jerry’s everyday, you appear to have a fairly balanced, low fat diet. I wasn’t patronizing you; I was just surprised on how you continue to highlight these “tips” on your blog. It’s really simple to figure what you need to eat and how much. It’s tougher to develop the mental discipline to follow your long term plan and avoid temptations. It doesn’t matter whether you weigh yourself once a day or once a week as long as it doesn’t detract from your lifelong mission. But then you’ve been through two 48 hour fasts and have developed the mental focus and discipline to become a black belt (fact, not patronizing). Moderation is the key; it’s OK to occasionally have the thick steak, cheesecake or Crispy Crème. You already know what foods are good for you on a daily basis and which ones are not. Balance your caloric intake with daily exercise or at worst four times a week for at least 30 minutes. I believe your biggest challenge won’t be diet, but finding time to exercise on a regularly based on all your other activities (school, work, etc). Go for it!

  5. Bill S…

    In defense of “tips” – I believe that they are useful when one has to really change the way they live their day-to-day life in order to stay healthy.

    You’re correct that moderation is the key and that mental discipline what keeps you there. But to obtain that level of discipline requires a level of repetition.

    A Tae Kwon Do student doesn’t practice the form for the next belt just once, and then test for the belt & claim achievement. The form is practiced over and over and over until it is something habitual – natural for the person performing it.

    The same holds true for getting oneself into shape after a long period (or entire lifetime) of sloth. The tips (not all, but some of them) are a method of repetition and practice to help change one’s mindset; help people get into that mode of habit – making the healthy choices become something second nature rather than a daily struggle.

  6. How lucky I am to have you here to tell me these things!

  7. I really like your site design. Did you create it yourself or is it a template?

  8. Danke Schoene. It’s a slightly modified 3rd party template for WordPress called Wuhan 0.3.

  9. Dude, the food I see on flickr always looks delicious to me…I say rock on.

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