New! Parental Controls!

January 29, 2007

“An operating system has never had parental control features before.”

Bill Gates on the release of Windows Vista



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  1. Parental control isn’t a big issue with me. I watched the video link and Gates makes one valid point – there is a much greater selection of applications for Windows PC’s and the hardware cost less. MACs (desktop or laptop) are in the upper 25% of the price range for nearly similar options. Many people aren’t aware of the added value for the price and go for something cheap for emailing, word processing and internet surfing.
    One concern about Vista (other than the expected new release bugs) is the amount of installed hard disk space all these new features will occupy and additional memory. I just did a fresh install of XP with no apps and I was up to 1GB. I still think the Hard Drive and RAM manufacturers are conspiring with Microsoft to continually obsolete your hardware and drive new sales. How about a laptop computer that boots and shuts down in 10 seconds or less. Wait a minute, didn’t we have one of those in a desktop in 1985 running a 100MHz (or less) processor, 32MB Ram and 20MB drive. Software efficiency is not one of Microsoft’s priorities.

  2. Parental control isn’t a big issue with me, either. But it’s annoying to hear Gates go on about innovative features he has that I had years ago. He did it again, too.

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