BBC Embraces Internet BIG

January 31, 2007

[The BBCs] iPlayer will allow viewers to watch their favorite programs from the previous 7 days and store them on a PC for 30 days [more…]

What are the implications of this?


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  1. Why not just use the iTMS? I wonder if it will interoperate with the Apple TV?

  2. I am baffled by people’s desire to watch videos on a PC monitor. DVR’s do the same thing, you can store the programming indefinitely, and you get to relax on the recliner while enjoying the show on something that you don’t have to squint to see from across the room.

    The whole “TV merging with computer networks” thing is still pretty young. I see offerings like this iTunes deal as evidence that they still don’t know where to go with it, so they just offer it wherever they have the opportunity to do so.

  3. Apple’s model is to give you a piece of hardware under your television which enables you to watch your internet-downloaded video on your big screen tv. Other models may emerge. I really haven’t got my head around this area yet.

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