January 31, 2007

For several years I’ve exclusively worn Lagerfeld cologne. I’ve had nice compliments on it. I liked it and my ex definitely did too. But I feel it’s time to expand my horizons. So I ordered myself up some small samples of three colognes that sounded interesting – all at a very reasonable cost. This way, I can try out things before I commit to a whole bottle. Here’s what I’ll be trying:

Penhaligon English Fern. I have high hopes for this one as a potential Lagerfeld replacement.

Truefitt & Hill West Indian Limes. This one seems like it could be a great hot weather cologne – something I’ve never really had.

Musgo Real #3 Spiced Citrus. Another warm weather option that I’d like to try. Citrus seems lighter and more appropriate for warm seasons.

Men, what do you wear? Ladies, what do you like to smell?

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  1. Pashana is an aftershave, but one of the few where the fragrance persists. If I wear an aftershave that fades quickly (e.g., any of the Thayers witch hazels), I like Truefitt & Hill Spanish Leather, and also Guerlain’s Vol de Nuit (the latter a suggestion by Luca Turin, the subject of Chandler Burr’s The Emperor of Scent.

  2. It’s pricey…but Duc de Vervin.
    It is not availabe around here but you may be able to order it through Nordstroms. It’s worth it!!!

  3. This is going to sound soooo strange. I still like Old Spice. In a public setting, if I am close enough to a man (or woman, for that matter) to smell their cologne, I am too close. But, this is not a perfect world. I usually get stuck next to the ‘I-can’t-smell-myself-so-I’ll-keep-spritzing-myself-with-this-smelly-stuff” person when I am in a crowd.

    Sorry, I’m drifting. There’s something about Old Spice that reminds me of my father – and I get that warm, protected, fuzzy kind of feeling that just makes me smile.

    Sadly, I am allergic to most colognes so I don’t actively go out and sample them. I try to hold my breath when I walk through those areas in department stores. Yikes! : )

  4. Political and cultural conservative that I am, would you be shocked if I said Old Spice, too?

    They have a great body wash now.

  5. Some guys swear buy Old Spice. Ones with taste, too. So no, it doesn’t surprise me.

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