Mostly Okay

February 1, 2007

Owen had been writing a bit about a woman with young children coping with the progressive neurodegenerative disease ALS. It moved me to share something personal.

Since I’m blubbering on about myself, I’ll offer this observation: losing your mother progressively to a fatal disease between the ages of 7 and 9 doesn’t make a person strong. It makes a person broken. It’s the kind of brokenness that takes a while to appreciate, understand, work around, and incorporate into one’s identity. It never can be fixed.

In spite of my dramatic comment, I recognize that lots of people lose someone close to them. Everyone does, eventually. And mostly it’s okay. But other times it’s right there at the surface.


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  1. May her memory be a blessing.

  2. I started to say something, but I only know you from blogs and I don’t have a similar experience to understand. I can only let you know you have my sympathy and say that however much it has hurt, you seem to have still developed into an impressive person. I’m sure she’d be proud.

  3. Expressions of condolence never have to be perfect or wise. Thanks 🙂

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