J. K. Lee Board Break-A-Thon 2007

February 2, 2007

My friends and I will be breaking things in the middle of Mayfair Mall on February 24th, 10am – 5pm. Why? We’re raising money for cancer research at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Over the last 13 years the students at J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy have raised over $262,000. This year our goal is to hit $50,000.

So here’s how it works. I am going to break five pine boards and you’re going to give money to see it. How much will you give? Five bucks? Twenty bucks? I won’t turn down any offer. All you have to do is either see me in person or donate using the “Donate” button below. This button will be displayed prominently on my blog until after the Break-A-Thon, but get your donations in early. Every penny donated will go to Children’s Hospital. (I’ll even suck it up on the Paypal collection fees.)

Oh, I almost forgot. If you come to the mall and see this exciting event in person – and I recommend it – you can step up and break a board, too!

Note: if you click the button below you can donate with your paypal account or your credit card. If you’d rather send me a check, that’s cool. Make the check out to JK Lee Black Belt Academy (or Scott Feldstein) and send it to

Scott Feldstein
909 Chicago ave #1
Waukesha, WI 53188

If you include an email address I’ll drop you a line when I receive it.

How do you know your money is going where I say it is? If you want verification of this fundraising event, please contact the J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy in Waukesha, WI at (262) 547-KICK (5425). They can tell you all about me, the event and it’s history, and pretty much anything else you might want to know.

All set now? OK! Click the button and give a few bucks. Thanks a lot for your support.

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  1. The donation page is not working.

  2. Yeah, I know. I’m in a quandary with my paypal account. I’ll have to call them to see if they can straighten it out.

  3. Be careful with PayPal. They’re a VERY sleazy outfit. A lot of problems with them holding people’s money hostage if they think (without ever showing proof) that you’re violating their 8 million word user agreement in any way.

  4. I use them to pay things all the time, from iTunes to Ebay, and I’ve never had a problem before.

  5. It works, but it only let me donate $5.

    Since I live in California I will not be able to watch to demo. But if there is a way to capture on video, could you post it here?

  6. Thanks! Let me look into the $5 thing… And yes, there will probably be news coverage of the event that I could grab. No telling if they’ll point the camera at me, but I’ll get what I can.

  7. There, now you can donate any amount you like. 🙂

  8. […] If you have already donated, thank you! If you haven’t done so yet, please do. You can donate via Paypal or credit card by clicking the button on the right. Or if you prefer you can send me a personal check. More details here. […]

  9. […] Scott Feldstein has almost reached his fundraising goal. […]

  10. Good on you, Scott. But be sure to check your boards before going at it – I have visions of the Will Ferrell SNL skit… “What kind of wood was that?!?!”

  11. […] I’ll be watching Scott Feldstein break bricks instead. […]

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