Can’t Happen Here

February 5, 2007

Hey, Wisconsin – the state that recently voted to amend its constitution to prohibit civil unions and gay marriage. Remember when we were concerned that such an amendment would jeopardize people’s health insurance benefits and stuff? Remember how our fears were assuaged by the right? They said that would never happen. They employed wordy and legal-sounding arguments reassuring us that we could all safely vote our discomfort about homosexuality and not be heartless bigots. I’m sure righties in Michigan said similar things, but guess what?

A Michigan appeals court on Friday ruled that public colleges and universities in the state may not offer health insurance or other benefits to the same-sex partners of employees. The ruling said that a state ban on gay marriage, approved by voters in 2004, barred such benefits. [more…]

Somewhere in Michigan someone is wondering if she can continue to provide for someone she loves.

How long do you figure it’ll be before it happens here? The ironic thing is it’s probably some of the same righties who told us it would never happen here that are going to be the first people suing to make sure that it does.

One day our grandchildren will be universally ashamed of our backwardness.


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  1. Yet another reason why I gave up on the Republican party.

    The zealots will not stop at suing only public institutions to prevent same-sex benefits. In a profound moment of hypocrisy, they will take a page from the ACLU book (a la the Boy Scouts issue with banning gays) and sue to stop the state from even doing business with companies that provide same-sex benefits.

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