Jobs’ Thoughts On Music

February 6, 2007

The tubes of the internets are positively clogged with all the buzz about Steve Jobs’ written statement about Digital Rights Management (DRM) and online music sales. If you have not read his remarks, you should do so now. I’ll wait.

Back? Okay. First, let me say this. Many people have recently suggested that DRM was about to crumble, that record companies were about to give up the ghost and sell their music as non-protected digital downloads. I called those people dreamers. I said there was no chance of it happening any time soon. Well, maybe I was wrong. Reading Jobs’ statement, it occurs to me that when the largest purveyor of DRM’d content issues a personal statement – and a challenge, frankly – to the content holders to start selling it without DRM, that’s huge. Maybe you guys were right. Maybe there’s an end in sight.

For a lively (if nerdy) discussion on the matter, check out this forum at slashdot.

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