Shooting the Demo Team at the Bradley Center

February 8, 2007

On Saturday the Milwaukee Bucks play the Denver Nuggets in the Milwaukee Bradley Center. The J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy Demo Team will be there to do a performance during half-time. I will not be participating, however, because I quit the demo team a month ago. My schedule is just too tight now that I’m in school again.

But I will be in attendance! I’ll be there to cheer on the Bucks (if someone will be kind enough to tell me which color uniforms they have on) and to cheer on the J. K. Lee team as they amaze everyone.

I’ll also be taking pictures. (I think they’re hooking me up with a press pass.) To that end I spoke with my friend Dan Johnson, chief photographer at Marquette, who gave me some advice about shooting in the Bradley Center: ISO 800, 1/500 shutter speed, and f2.8 aperture.

Ha! It’s good to have knowledgeable friends.


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  1. I’m not an expert, but 1/500?

    Those are some bright lights at the BC, huh?

  2. No, that’s to stop the fast action!

  3. I prefer to have my camera on filter 1 (or is it 3… I never get it right on the first shot) with manual iris when I’m shooting… oh wait.. you’re not doing video, that’s right.


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