The internets are corrupting our youth!

February 9, 2007

How refreshing to see another viewpoint get a little ink:

Students use IM-lingo in essays – CNN.com
Some educators, like David Warlick, 54, of Raleigh, North Carolina, see the young burgeoning band of instant messengers as a phenomenon that should be celebrated. Teachers should credit their students with inventing a new language ideal for communicating in a high-tech world, said Warlick, who has authored three books on technology in the classroom.

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  1. While the shorthand of IM-lingo makes for rapid conversation, it would remain a priority that the younger generations still understand the origin of the words they use – no matter how they’re spelling them.

    One of the ways that the masses were kept down in ‘olde times’ was through denying them education in the classical and intellectual languages. If too many students end up knowing how to speak only by way of IM-spelling they will end up, for all intents and purposes, illiterate. Hand them a copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ should not require a tranlation to “da GR8 gatsB” in order for them to read it.

  2. Agreeing with you fully – as I do – should in no way be taken as a negation of what Warlick says above. I just generally think we spend an awful lot of time cataloging, fretting about and otherwise hand-wringing over the evils of the new technology du jour. It’s the internet, it’s the cell phone, it’s whatever. And we spend so little time thinking about how wonderful it is, how it improves our lives, how it opens up new opportunities and new ways to solve problems, new ways to bring people together, et cetera.

    Sometimes the downsides are overstated, sometimes not. But you can always count on the mainstream media to devote tons more time talking about the negatives than the positives (which they often do not even understand). Thus the stories on myspace are always about sex predators and never about the rise of self-publishing in the internet age, etc.

  3. It’s not just students that it is effecting, either. You should see some of the badly typed scripts that I have to follow along with while I’m driecting. Now, I don’t know how 4, 6, 12, 58, etc. feed their closed captioning*, but if it’s fed off the prompter and you haven’t spell checked, those typos WILL go out to air on the CC.


    * Either they have a prompter feed (so closed captioning gets what the anchors read) or “real time closed captioning” meaning they either have someone typing along with (much like a court stenographer) or dictating back the news. (Most stations at least use real time cc for captioning things the weather forecasts and breaking news)

  4. And I apparently can’t spell directing… WordPress comment boxes need a spell check!


  5. I have Safari underlining in red everything I mistype in real time, in every browser input box on the web. I couldn’t get along without it!

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