Thank You!

February 24, 2007

I asked for your help and you gave it. Thanks! I told you i’d break some concrete at the Break-A-Thon if you donated $250. You delivered. You actually gave $295 and I want you to know that I kept my part of the bargain.

But more importantly we raised a lot of money for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. There are real kids with real families who are grateful for your help. I’m told J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy students collectively raised $50,000 for them. And we – you and I – did our part. Team scottfeldstein.net was officially recognized, too. Mr. Chan Lee took the microphone and announced to everyone in the center court of Mayfair mall: Scott Feldstein challenged the readers of his blog, scottfeldstein.net, to donate $250, in exchange for which he would break this concrete brick. And then I did it.

Thanks for doing this, everyone.

(I took over 700 photos throughout the day. A very small, preliminary sample of them is up in my Flickr stream. When I’ve had a chance to go through the rest and edit some of the good ones, I’ll post more.)


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  1. Bravo!

    That was awesome!
    Congrats for reaching and exceeding your goal!
    Fantastic pics too!

  3. Speaking of excellent breaks, Miss Lee…

  4. Great photo Scott!

  5. […] Thank you! (About the J. K. Lee Break-A-Thon and the money you helped me raise.) […]

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