Internet Dating

March 2, 2007

Ever done it? I have. Several times. I recommend it – but as always, your milage may vary.

First let me say that without exception every woman I’ve ever met through an internet singles site was beautiful, charming and worthwhile in every way. Really. There were no shocking surprises, no scary personalities and not even too many uncomfortable silences. Just really nice women with whom I was privileged to spend an evening.

And sometimes it was so much more than just an evening. Much, much more.

Going back to the single sites, back to square one, is not without sadness. But there is also a spark of optimism. Who knows whom I may meet? Who knows what needle I may find in the haystack? That special someone may be just a click away. Or maybe it’s the next click. Or the next.

Writing my own personality profile is an exercise in silliness, however. How can I represent myself such that in 10 seconds or less Ms. Perfect is going to find me charming, funny, confident, manly, and disarmingly self-deprecating all in the first three sentences? The task seems impossible. And yet it’s a pretty forgiving system. Somehow a little of the real me seeps through, and the most incredible women respond.

Yes, I recommend this internet dating thing. After all, who can you meet at a bar when you’re 38? Who do you ever meet during the week besides your co-workers? What if you have no local family members casting nets on your behalf? The internet answers all. If you’re single and you’d like to meet potential partners – or just get out of the house with interesting people – give it a try. I’ve used Yahoo! personals, Salon personals, and eHarmony. Prices vary and each one works a little differently, but all are worth a look.

Are you busy on Saturday?


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  1. What ‘ya got in mind sailor?

  2. Fred, I told you – you’re next Saturday!

  3. Met the lovely Doreen from Waukesha (at that time the lovely Doreen from the South Side, eh) via an ad in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She had just finished with a long term relationship when she placed the ad. I had just narrowly escaped marrying the wrong person and found myself in my thirties not knowing any single women anymore. I think these things work for two reasons:
    1) the advance self-screening. You picked that person from a variety of people ahead of time, so randomness is less of a factor.
    2) By the time you decide to do something like this, you have a good idea in mind of who you are and what kind of person you’re seeking.

    We’ll be together ten years this November.

  4. Inspirational, Wiggy. There’s hope for me yet, maybe!

  5. Single and in your thirties in Milwaukee is kind of like trying to look for a date while on submarine duty.

    I feel for you Scott. I was right there with you up until 2004 when I moved to NYC.

    I did do some Internet dating in Milwaukee. It was mostly one disaster after another. Head cases; fatties who were using their high school photos from when they were 40 pounds lighter, etc. NYC proved much better – far large percentage of single people in their 30’s on the east coast – and much more honest about their appearance and personal situations. I met my current sweetheart on eHarmony and we’re celebrating our two year “dating anniversary” this Saturday. Now loving and enjoying a great life together in San Diego.

    You’re 38, whereas I was in my early 30’s while still in Milwaukee. There just seemed to be very few single women in my age range. Depending on the age range you’re setting, you probably stand a better chance of finding more single women now – those coming out of divorce or long term situations that fell apart.

    Please do let us know your success rate.

  6. Actually my experience have all been very positive, as I indicated above. When I first became single I was worried about my chances of finding someone. My experiences since then have left me a lot more optimistic. And in the name of discretion, that’s about all I’m going to say about my “success rate.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Good luck. I married the wrong person for the wrong reason so I understand.

  8. Like Wiggy, I married my “internet date”. We met through Match.com. Ya gotta go through a lot of frogs to find the prince…or in your case, princess. I found this to be a great way of avoiding most of the serious frog type frogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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