Israeli Pickles with Russian Label

March 5, 2007


Originally uploaded by scottfeldstein.

So my friend Uri noticed me ranting about pickles on my blog. I was going on about how I prefer Claussen and that other brands mostly taste like shoes. He agreed. And then he told me – one fussy pickle connoisseur to another – that he had a gift for me: this can of pickles from Israel. Though it’s a product of Israel, the label is mostly in Russian. He say’s it’s an entirely different phenomenon than our beloved Claussens, but that it’s worth a taste.

Tomorrow I’ll give them a try. Thanks, Uri!

Update: How shall I describe them? I think I will say that they are like jarred calamata olives are to common canned black olives. Spicier, saltier, more intense. Paige and I both agree: nice!


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  1. I am glad you like them. You can buy some at Spartak (a small russian food store in Whitefish Bay)
    5587 N Diversey Blvd, Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

    for $1.49 (tax included). There are other russian food stores that carry it, but you will probably pay an extra buck. If you visit them feel free to say Hi from Uri 🙂

  2. I totally will say that, too. Thanks again!

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