Cafe Logistics

March 8, 2007

When you’re studying in a cafe with your laptop, books, cell phone and other paraphernalia scattered about on the table in front of you, what do you do when nature takes its inevitable course and that latte you had an hour ago urges you toward the restroom?

a) Laboriously pack up your stuff and carry your backpack to the restroom with you, hoping your table is still available when you reemerge

b) Grab the most valuable item (your laptop, for example), tuck it under your arm, and carry it to the men’s room, preserving your table but risking the theft of your other stuff.

c) Trust an honest looking stranger to keep an eye on your stuff while you’re in the restroom.

d) Ask the honest looking stranger to keep an eye on your stuff, photograph him, then proceed to the men’s room carrying only your camera.

Option “d” seems clever, but I have not tried it. YMMV.


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  1. If I am the only customer in the place, I’d probably ask an employee to watch my stuff for a moment.

    Otherwise I’d go for option ‘A’- but do it with some “strategery” – like leave your coffee cup, some useless paperwork and maybe your jacket at the table (if it’s not an expensive one). Sort of leave the table looking as if it is “in use”, then take everything else with me and hastily get in and out of the lav.

  2. Now that I think about it, I usually go with other people; friends or a classmate, and so I have unknowingly already built in a “security system”. But, if I was studying alone, I would ask someone nicely if they could please watch my things. Or maybe I would just hold it.

  3. Amend “d” to “Photograph him and your stuff.” and it might be even better. And don’t pay any attention to the odd looks you get when you carry your camera to the bathroom ;^)

  4. Those looks? They never bothered me before. 🙂

  5. Ha. Now that gave me a good chuckle.

  6. I have honestly never had such a problem. The spot where I study is full of local people who see me regularly. I just leave my stuff and make my run. My suggestion, find a friendlier coffee spot?

  7. Option e)

    Discretely pee into your empty coffee cup under the table. (Guys only). Make sure you have bail money if caught.

  8. I’m with Karen. I just leave everything where it is and go pee.

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