This Film Is Not Yet Rated

March 11, 2007

I’m most of the way through a movie called This Film Is Not Yet Rated, and in light of it, and my recent musings on movie violence, I would like to make a request of the movie industry:

More sex, less violence, please. Can I make it any clearer? More fucking, less killing. Get me?

Yes, I would like a rating system for films released in America. But I would like for it to make sense, for it to be less puritanical and more concerned about the actual problems in our culture than imaginary worries over whether my impressionable teenager sees Maria Bello‘s pubic hair. And above all, I would like some accountability in the rating process, so that people like myself – responsible citizens and good parents – could set the ratings board straight when necessary.

I would much rather my children saw adults engaging in consensual sex motivated by love than anyone graphically being shot in the head or tortured. Wouldn’t you?

And if not, what the fuck is wrong with you?


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  1. So true. What I found interesting about that movie was the commentary about what kind of violence flies and what kind doesn’t. Like realistic violence (think Saving Private Ryan) is worse than bullshit stylized violence where nameless goons just fall out of the screen when they get shot. Shouldn’t we rather our kids see the real stuff? Shouldn’t we rather our kids see the blood and guts so they know just how horrible violence is instead of desensatizing them to it? It seemed so obvious after the guy said it.

  2. Very true about the double-standard when comaping reactions to sex versus violence.

    Just look at today’s crime & drama shows with bloody scenes, bodies cut open, people being torured. And the FCC doesn’t bat an eyelash. But two people grinding their hips together, and you’d think the world was coming to an end.

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