Needs Further Study

March 19, 2007

Not only does this Psychology Today article answer the question of why women have orgasms, but it also offers this helpful information for those interested in making more of them:

  • The degree of romantic attachment to her partner does not increase the frequency of female orgasm.
  • The level of sexual experience of either partner does not increase the frequency of female orgasm.
  • The peace of mind that comes from using contraception does not increase the frequency of female orgasm.

What does? Male symmetry.

(H/T to Eszter.)

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  1. I am familiar with some research data that challenges the male symmetry theory. I thought you asymmetrical males out there could use a little pick-me-up after that.

  2. As the title of this posts suggests, clearly more research is needed!

  3. I also have a theory: it takes two to “tango”, so both should enjoy the dance so it occurs more often. This better ensures more frequent dances and better odds of perpetuating the species. I may not publish, but I will certainly continue to research this topic.

  4. Interesting indeed. But it bears pointing out that the bulk of survey portion of the study was done with undergrads. What about married women, and women 30+ in age? Might there be SOME motivation for their ‘moments of bliss’ beyond that of just who might produce a better offspring?

  5. Well, there’s some great stuff in this article and also some I take exception to. First of all, the authors undermine their credibility early on by writing of Stephen Jay Gould in the present tense. Gould died in 2002, from lung cancer. PT, please do your homework. Second of all, I believe it has been known in the feminist healthcare community since the 1970’s that female orgasm increases the chance of pregnancy – where have these guys been?

    But my largest concern comes from Thornhill’s conclusions at the very end of the article. The faultiness of his logic leads me to question all his findings. For example, the fact that symmetry is correlated with orgasm does not mean that a man cannot actively influence his partners sexual experience! I can just see men reading this article and deciding they’re not going to waste anymore time trying to pleasure their partners during intercourse because their left ear is bigger than their right ear. And, as David points out above, assaying the role of sexual experience in 22 year olds is very questionable. Many of us more mature women will assure you that orgasm has PLENTY to do with experience.

    But with one, overall point I do agree. Women’s orgasms serve an important purpose, whether they happen before, after or during intercourse. So, guys, do your research!

  6. Women’s orgasms serve an important purpose

    Amen. Forward in the name of science! 🙂

  7. For those interested in doing your homework on producing superior female orgasm, extended and expanded go here http://www.welcomed.com.

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