Apple Service

March 20, 2007

So yesterday afternoon I notice that the AC adapter cord for my Macbook Pro is frayed. Or melted. Or something. And I can see a little bit of the innards of the little cable. And I also notice it’s no longer charging the computer. So naturally I called Apple.

The guy who answered the phone was friendly and helpful. I gave him the serial number of my unit, told him what the problem was, and that was it. He put me on hold for about two minutes, then came back and said they were sending me a replacement part and where would I like it sent?

It was getting late in the day and my battery was nearly drained so I called it quits and went home. This morning I arrived and resolved to slum it in a disused ThinkPad I happen to have lying around. I figured i’d be waiting a few days so I’d better really set the thing up the way I like it.

And then at 9:10 am a package arrived. I literally said “what could this be?” thinking there was no possible way it could be my new charger – but it was!

Now that’s some service. Damn.


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  1. Go Apple, Go Apple, Yay!

  2. I love Apple’s service! It’s been top-notch the few times I’ve needed them for the Powerbook.

    Now, why do you have a Thinkpad laying around?


  3. Good service, but does the charger need to be of better, more robust design or are you just hard on portable electronic hardware? Remember your LG phone charger problems?

  4. Actually I think this charger model was recalled a couple of months ago but since mine didn’t show a problem I took the lazy route and did nothing. Serves me right.

  5. Apple’s phone-based service is about average, if not slightly less. But their mail-in service is incredible. (Or mail out…). No repair or replacement has ever taken longer than a week from date of shipment to date of return arrival. I’ve also gotten 2 power adapters due to the same issue as you.

  6. I’m happy for you scott.
    Good thing you didn’t have Dell – which is off-the-charts awful….whey you get to talk to someone.

  7. I slum it everyday with my Thinkpad. I miss working on the Mac.

  8. I got my new battery first thing Monday morning after calling it in last thing Friday night. Not bad.

    Now, if only the people who sold me the MacBook in the first place would have told me that a battery is a “call tech support” issue and not a “bring the dead one in and trade it for a live one” issue, I would have saved a trip to Mayfair. But that’s another story…

  9. That’s odd, Stacie. I think Karen (above) had the opposite experience. She made a store appointment, showed them the fried battery and walked out with a new one. YMMV, I guess.

  10. I didn’t make an appointment…again, I couldn’t fathom why I’d need one — it was clearly dead, there was nothing a Genius could do except give me a new one, so I figured — incorrectly — it was an exchange issue…that may have had something to do with it.

    They also sent the package to Stacie Whitacre, my married name which I haven’t used in more than two years, and which has never been connected to this computer or mailing address. (I suppose they may have had the phone number from a million years ago or something.)

  11. This was a different store, too – in Massachusetts. Although I can’t imagine why that would matter.

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