Indiana Jones 4

March 21, 2007

I’d heard it before, but Dean brought it to my attention again today: there’s going to be a fourth Indiana Jones movie. And, despite his 64 years of age, Harrison Ford is going to be in it. What’s it going to be called? I made a few suggestions:

“Indiana Jones and the Geriatrics Unit of Doom”

“Raiders of the Lost Shuffleboard Stick”

And, as I said over at Dean’s, I suggest these with love. I quote myself:

I absolutely adore Harrison Ford. But come on. He’s like a hundred now. He’s not an action hero. Stop already.



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  1. Indiana Jones and the Remnants of Prunes

    I’m all for it. These retread sequels are better than most “original” stuff coming out of Hollywood these days.

  2. I look forward to seeing it. You’ll have to reblog this when the movie is out so we can discuss it in light of the outcome.

    An Indiana Jones movie certainly wouldn’t make any sense _without_ Harrison Ford so they might as well have tried.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love Indiana Jones movies and I’ll be in line WITH my Indy-style hat on when opening day arrives! I just heard, too, that he’s not going to be the main action character in the film. Someone playing his son(!) will do that, apparently. Also Sean Connery will be in it again, playing Jones’ father.

    I think all I’m asking for is that if Ford does any action hero stuff, that there at least be a little humor about his age in it.

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