Hackbarth on Blog Summit II

March 23, 2007

Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind totally nails it on what’s wrong with the upcoming WisPolitics Wisconsin Blog Summit: the panels are chock full of traditional media personalities who happen to blog on the side. Several things bugged me about the Summit last year, and that was certainly one of the biggies.

It’s not that I find these people annoying. It’s that their names on the marquee belie any real understanding of, or appreciation of, the blogging phenomenon. If we wanted to hear what TV and radio personalities thought about politics, you know what we’d do? We’d turn the TV or the radio on. This is supposed to be about blogging: an alternative, non-mainstream medium that gives voice to the little guy. It is not best represented by celebrities of the traditional media who happen to have blogs.

Please check out Sean’s post on the subject, he said it better than I can. (Holy crap, I just realized that I don’t even link to him! Fixed!)

On a more positive note, dig the photos from last year’s event.

H/T to Dean and Phel. See you at the summit.


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  1. happy anniversary of our camaraderie!

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