My Google Ads: $100 Every 6 months

April 7, 2007

Some time this week my google adsense revenues will reach $100. That means Google will send a $100 check some time in May. Just like they did last November.

That approximately $0.62 per day in ad revenue works out to $100 every six months. Not much, but it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, right? Right.

PS. I often get asked, so I’ll just tell you: no, I do not click on my own ads. I think i’ve done that maybe like three times over the last year.


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  1. Not bad. It pays for the web host.

  2. It would if I paid a web host! scottfeldstein.net is hosted out of my closet on an old throwaway computer.

  3. Isn’t one of the t’s&c’s of adsense is that you cannot disclose how much you make in adsense revenues?

  4. Is it? Fuck ’em if it is.

  5. That’s more that I gave ever earned from them 😉 Nobody clicks on my ads. But I think the Google AsSense program is flawed anyway. The keyword matching often brings up ads that make no “sense” to what the real intent is of the writer and/or readers.

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