Adoption: time to take another step

April 11, 2007

I have not written about adoption in some time. In fact, I have not thought much about it in months. I wrote about discovering the last names of both my birth mother and my birth father last June. Then there was the information I got out of the adoption agency about their histories back in September. But since then, nothing.

I feel that it’s time to do something more, but I’m not sure what yet. Maybe I’ll register with a national mutual consent database or something. That seems concrete and achievable, even if I suspect it will not achieve anything much.


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  1. If you are supposed to find your natural parents, you will. I certainly hope you find closure in some capacity soon. Hugs.

  2. As a “much older” adoptee, I can tell you, the walls that were in place when I started searching are no where near as high now. Although, there are still those walls, it has become easier. That’s how I found out that my birth mother named me Diana Sue. What kind of name is that for a kid? Pffft! 🙂 Sadly, she died before I was able to ask her. The siblings I met had no clue I even existed. It was quite a shock for all of us.

    Patience. LOTS of patience, and determination.

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