No To Shady Ad

April 25, 2007

Today I got an email from a guy asking if I would put an ad on my one of my pages in exchange for $25. I’ve said yes to ads before, but this time I said no.

What was the ad? It was for a web site that seemed to contain nothing but ads for other sites. What were those sites? Places where you could get phony diplomas, mostly. The page of mine that they wanted placement on was one in which I discussed diplomas.

So I had this dilemma. I could say yes and get my $25. But then I’d have an ad on my site pimping something that I didn’t believe in. On the other hand, I already have google ads and I don’t control what the content of those ads are. In fact, when I looked closely at the page on which I discussed diplomas I discovered that google already had ads for diploma mills on it.

I say yes to google, but no to this guy. What’s the difference? With Google, I don’t have any control over the ad content. With this guy, I have a direct relationship with the person pimping shady goods. I don’t want that. So I said no.


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  1. Stick to your principles and control what you can – it’s your blog. I really don’t think your into blogging for money. Of course you may change your mind if someone offered $250 or $2500 for a “shady” ad.

  2. Yeah i don’t like that you can’t control the ads that show up in Google either. Their content limiting features are really limited. But I guess that’s the way it goes if you want to make money on a smaller website like ours.

  3. Actually Jay B, that’s the thing I like best about Google’s ads. It gives me a more clean hands approach to my ads. Nobody can ever say that I write things just to please advertisers because I don’t deal with them directly, nor do I even know who they are!

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