April 26, 2007

As a proud and self-described liberal, and as a founder of Milwaukee’s awesome chapter of Drinking Liberally, and as the (dis)organizer of the after-Summit beer-having following the Wisconsin Blog Summit II in which politics are the central focus… I think it behooves me to actually write something overtly political. Soon. Like before the Summit, which is on Saturday. Lest I be kicked out of the club or something.

So that’s it. Something political. Either tonight or tomorrow. Really. It’ll just knock your socks off with its in-your-face politicalish nature. It will make you want to dash out and vote. It will make you want to read dense bills before the legislature.

At the very least it will express my dislike for the president, my exasperation with those who still (!) support him, and my hope for a more left-leaning America in the very near future.


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