Cooperate, except…

April 29, 2007

Interesting article at Slate about what to do if confronted with “a gun-weilding madman.” Me, I advise cooperating completely – with two exceptions. The first and most obvious exception is if you believe the gunman is about to shoot you. In that case you have nothing to lose, so go for it: attack, attack, attack. Grab the gun and point it anywhere but at you. Make him think about his own safety instead of attacking you. Unless you’re very lucky, you’ll get shot, but what the heck; you were going to get shot anyway.

What’s the second exception? Anyone want to guess it?

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  1. If the person with the gun wants you to go with them to a secondary location they are probably going to kill you. Regardless of it being soon or at a later time of their choosing you will probably not enjoy the time you spend with them between moving with them and being killed so you should fight or flee.

  2. Correct!

  3. Someone once wrote (and this is how I would react in such situations):

    If a man offers you surrender or death, kill him.

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