The Digital Photography Book

May 19, 2007

Emphasis on the The.

Scott Kelby’s book, The Digital Photography Book is for anyone who’s stepped up to the world of digital single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras. If you’re the lucky new owner of a Canon Rebel XTi, or a Nikon D80, or a similar camera with changeable lenses, you’re in luck. This is the book that will help you immediately start getting the results you had in mind when you acquired the camera.

Not only is it a pleasant and humorous read, but it also is a pretty decent reference book. You’re itching to capture those new spring flowers in your yard? No problem. Kelby’s got a no-nonsense chapter for that, complete with example photographs. Going camping and want to capture some of the magnificent landscapes? He’s got that, too. Maybe you got that fancy new camera to get great shots of your kids’ soccer games? Kelby’s got you covered.

Tonight is my daughters prom, so this afternoon I’ll be shooting some photos of her and her friends. The Digital Photography Book has got plenty of nity-gritty advice for this occasion, too. I’m going to review it before I head out.

If you’ve got a digital SLR camera, get this book. It will definitely help you move up to the next level in your photographic pursuits. (Plus it’s probably small enough to fit right into your camera bag.)

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  1. Hi Scott:
    Thanks so much for your very kind comments on my book. Hope you great some great shots at your daughter’s prom! 🙂

    All my best,

    Scott Kelby

  2. All of Scott’s books are excellent reads. My copy of Photoshop (CS2) for Digital Photographers is so dogeared and worn I will need a new copy. I was perusing the book Scott (blogger, not book author) is talking about at his home the other day….Amazon should be delivering my new book soon 🙂

    Scott Kelby is an EXCELLENT author on anything to do with digital photography and editing. His “step by step” instruction is such a breath of fresh air!

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