iPhone Price

May 22, 2007

What’s with all the whining about the price of Apple’s upcoming iPhone? Sure, $499 and $599 is a lot of money. But when I go to my current wireless provider, Verizon, and see what they want to charge me to upgrade to another brand of smartphone, I see prices ranging from $420 to $620. And none of them are as appealing as the iPhone.

So what’s the big deal? Was someone expecting to get them for $50 with a two year contract or something?


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  1. In many cases, likely so. People always seem to want the newest tech stuff for a song. Then there’s me. I just want a simple phone that has good reception. I don’t care about music, internet, e-mail or directions.(I’m a truck driver. I rarely get lost.) That said, I settled for the Krazr. Decent phone. The camera is handy, and plenty of memory. As for the rest? Un-used.

  2. That’s fair. Although I would venture to guess that for most people the phone’s features go unused simply because they’re either not the right features or they’re too hard to use. If anyone can make a better experience, Apple can. We’ll see.

  3. The Razr was $500 when it came out, two years later they are giving them away.

    Nothing new.

  4. pffft.
    if ou want thirty extras crammed into equipment thats mainly for one purpose, pay the money and shut up.

    my prepiad cellphone was 20 bucks, tops.
    its a phone and thats it.
    thats all i need it to be.

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