Republican Candidates: Now Only 30% Nuts!

May 26, 2007

I keep thinking about something that happened at a recent Republican presidential debate. The moderator asked which of the candidates did not believe in evolution. Three out of the ten raised their hands.

You might think this is pretty good: only three out of ten. These are Republicans, after all, and by accepting basic facts about the world at a rate of 70% they are already showing a little more gray matter than their voter base. But I have a fundamental problem with someone wanting to be in charge of the most powerful nation on earth blithely dismissing facts of biology that every fifth grader should know.

Whether someone believes evolution is wrong, or believes in biblical creationism, or believes that the universe was sneezed out by the Great Green Arkleseizure, I’m inclined to keep my mouth shut. I mean, I may think think you’re nuts, but I’ll often refrain from comment. But these guys want to be president! To play a huge role in the making of the laws of our land and taking on weighty issues of global foreign policy. is it too much to ask that his worldview be well-enough rooted in reality to accept what is probably one of the most fundamental tenets of science?

Maybe you think it’s no big deal. But let me ask you. If the president is to have a role in laws concerning scientific and medical research (and he will), do you not think it’s a problem that he spectacularly disregards them? How on earth can such a person be relied upon to make a sound, fact-based judgement? If the president is to have a role in determining the governmental response to global warming (and he will), do you not think it troublesome that he willfully tosses aside empiricism in favor of mythological nonsense?

A smart person once wryly suggested to me that if creationists want their nonsense taught in schools we should let it happen. Given how effective our schools have been in teaching evolution, it’d probably be the best thing that ever happened to the public understanding of science.

Look, we may disagree in a lot of things, but hear my plea: don’t vote for someone who puts his hand up in the air to proudly indicate his abandonment of reason.


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  1. Republicans have grey matter?? Well.. Maybe the “old school” pre-Regan, pre-Neocon ones, but seriously, all I have to point to is Tommy Thompson’s comments in the first debate.


  2. Actually, I thought a lot better of Tommy before he became secretary of HSS, where he participated in a lot of willfully backward policy-making.

  3. When I saw that part of the debate, it made me really sad. It almost seems hopeless when grown men that wear suits to work and stuff, and are relatively viable candidates for president, said on national TV what equates to “I think 2+2=5. And I’m proud of it.” It’s that simple. We’re fucked.

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