May 30, 2007

Okay, guys, ‘fess up. Who does it?

My philosophy is that I don’t want to get strange looks in the locker room, but neither do I want to disrobe in front of a woman and have it be like “WELCOME TO THE JUNLGE BABY!” So I periodically use an electric clippers to closely trim everything.

Shut up! Lots of guys do it.

Don’t they?


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  1. I will admit to having scars from trimming with an electric trimmer. I don’t shave, but damn, it does hurt when an electric trimmer gets a touch to close!

  2. Manscaping is a virtue

  3. It may be a virtue, but it can also hurt like hell, too!

  4. Yes, manscaping is a virtue. I raved about how great it was when John decided to do it once, now he keeps it that way.

  5. Dear Generic,

    You’ll get used to it.

    Promise 🙂

  6. The down side, naturally is the stubble.
    Now if you guys were to wax…of course there is the pain issue. But as I understand from women my age, we suffer the waxing as to not submit our partners to the stubble burn.

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