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iPhone First Impressions

June 30, 2007

1. It took overnight for my phone number to be ported. During that time my phone was entirely useless. That sucked! But when I got up this morning, everything was peachy.

2. Problem! I went to set up my gmail account (a hosted address: “,” not “”), but quickly met a brick wall. The field where you put your address is already populated with an suffix, with no way to edit it. I suspect I’ll be waiting for a software update to allow me to use my hosted gmail account. Meanwhile, I can still access gmail through the Safari web browser, just as I do on my computer.

3. I’m unsure as to how to set up my work email on it. I think I’m going to have to check with the other nerds at work to find out the exact settings I need to use. We do support IMAP on our exchange server, so theoretically everything should work once I know how to configure it.

4. Google maps, photos, music, video and YouTube are amazingly cool on this thing. Surfing the web with Safari is also excellent – if you’re on WiFi instead of AT&T’s EDGE network. When you’re on EDGE, everything seems pretty okay except Safari and YouTube, which are pretty slow.

5. iPhone had no trouble connecting to my WiFi at home, and it automatically switches to it when I’m in range. Nice.

6. I have not played with the camera much, nor with bluetooth.

7. I rode my bike to the farmer’s market in downtown Waukesha this morning and people were stopping me on the street to ask about the phone. I even had one guy lean out of his car window when he was stopped at a red light: “Is that what I think it is?” Be prepared to get a lot of comments if you pick one of these babies up. Also beware of getting mugged for it. Seriously.



June 30, 2007

hello from the promised land!


24 hours to Jesusphone

June 28, 2007

1. I hope my strategy for getting my hands on one tomorrow pans out. Basically I’m going to race as far out of the city as I can get to go to a relatively lonely AT&T store. My gamble is that the line will be shorter. Here’s hoping.

2. If I should happen to get one, should I keep and activate it? Or should I quick flip it on craig’s list, hoping to make a couple hundred bucks on the deal? If I do the latter, I could wait to get a phone a week or two later.

3. I have enlisted two of Apple’s other bitches to accompany me on this journey. Naturally I’ll be photographing and perhaps even live-blogging the festivities.

4. A surprising number of people seem not to “get” what the iPhone is. It doesn’t have X feature, they say. Or it costs too much. Or they go on about how Apple is all about style and hype rather than good technology and value. Do I need to remind you that these are the same things people said about the iPod? “No wireless? Less space than a Nomad? Lame.” But today I bet Cmdr Taco has owned more than one iPod. What is Apple doing for the mobile phone? They saw that everyone had this thing in their pocket, but that most of its features were entirely opaque to them. They have internet and music capabilities, but they’re impossible to actually use. So people don’t use them. Well, Apple did what it does best: it saw what was broken and fixed it. Now everyone else will have to fix their shit, too.

5. Therefore, even if you don’t ever buy an iPhone, you can thank Apple for making your life better.

6. The future of the iPhone lies in three things: increased storage capacity (duh), the 3G network, and a new slightly smaller model that only does phone and music: the iPhone Nano. It’ll go for $250.

7. I’m already prepping my Address Book and an iTunes playlist so that when I plug this baby in I’ll be good to go.

8. OMG I’m getting an iPhone!

9. Shut up. You know you want one, too.

10. More tomorrow.



June 26, 2007

When you ask someone about their experiences, thoughts or feelings, there’s a word that many people use that absolutely irritates the fuck out of me: you. “You think…” “you feel…” You this and you that. Is it so hard to say I?

Maybe it’s emotionally easier for people to say “you” instead of “I” when answering questions about themselves, but it robs their words of impact and it’s distracting.

Have you ever noticed this?


It’s A Beautiful Barn

June 25, 2007

I have to remind local readers that there are some great pockets of cool out here west of Milwaukee.


  • The Steaming Cup – try the coffee and baked goods. Live music on Friday nights, too!
  • The Rochester Deli – OMG, the corned beef!
  • Sprizzo – open mic night on Friday’s. Try the James Bond martini.
  • House of Guinness – try a pint of its namesake and enjoy the live music.


  • Seester’s Mexican cafe – fish tacos to die for.
  • Piano Blu – nice martini menu, great live music.
  • It’s a Beautiful Day Cafe …

It’s this last establishment I want draw your attention to. I’ve written about it before: charm, atmosphere, live music, coffee, beer, wine, sandwiches and more. It’s owned and operated by my longtime friends Dan, Debbie and Angie Aukofer. I recommend calling ahead to reserve a table if you want an intimate evening with the wednesday or friday night entertainers. It’s definitely not a headbangers ball, nor a hopping club scene. It’s a relaxing, fun way to listen to classic rock, folk and other music rendered by a small acoustic group. There are a variety of musicians appear there, but consider yourself in luck if Dan drums or Debbie sings. Order a sandwich or a wrap, have a beer, and participate in the fun. Don’t be surprised if the folks at the next table sing along or shake sugar packets as musical instruments. It’s that kind of place. Plus, there’s a posh little boutique upstairs if you feel like a little shopping.

But wait, there’s more! Sometimes the Aukofers even have concerts in their barn – and man you should see this place. Decorated in early American hippie hodgepodge, and strewn with tables, chairs, sofas and loveseats. The stage is large and fitted with a variety of lights that would make your Christmas tree blush. Such a concert was held Saturday night. Sorry I don’t have more photos, but here’s one you should check out.

They say they’ll probably have more of these this summer, and I’ll do my best to let you know in advance. But the best way to find out what’s going on is to go down to the cafe some Wednesday or Friday night (reservations recommended), or stop in for breakfast or lunch. Give them a call at (262) 691-223, and check out their web site.


What Would You Change?

June 25, 2007

If you could change just one physical characteristic about yourself, what would it be?

First, a disclaimer. I like myself just as I am and I do not generally obsess about my perceived imperfections. I assume you are also like this. Most people are, I expect (a zillion spam emails for “male enhancement” notwithstanding).

But let’s just suppose you were going to change one physical characteristic about yourself. We’re talking appearance, here, not health alone. Would you choose to be thinner? Blonder? More muscular? Maybe you’d like to have bigger eyes, higher cheekbones?

Despite my healthy levels of self confidence (some call it egotism but whatever), I could easily come up with half a dozen items that I might consider. But when it comes right down to it, I think I would choose to be three inches taller.

This may seem like a non-obvious choice for a man who only misses the 6-foot mark by half an inch, but think about it. Tall men get more attention from women. They get ahead in the workplace and make more money.

So how about it? What would you change if you had to pick one thing?


I am an al-Qamera terrorist

June 22, 2007

I really, really hate the post 9/11 tendency toward the prohibition of photography. I guess it’s within the rights of any business or private individual to prohibit photography on their own property. I think in many cases it’s downright silly, but whatever. Only now some of these guys are trying to stop you from taking pictures on the street, too. Unbelievable. I’ve also heard of other cases where people taking pictures outdoors have been hassled by authorities.

For the record I have been ordered to cease my terrorist photography by the Chicago Apple store on Michigan ave, by Starbucks on 16th and Wisconsin, and by the Mayfair Mall security guards.