Call Me Ford Prefect

June 20, 2007

Apple has been leaking little dribblets of info about their upcoming Jesus phone iPhone, keeping the hype going (as if it needed any help) until its release next Friday the 29th. A few days ago it was increased battery life and a new, more scratch resistant screen. Today I see it’s youtube access. But the real story here is Wikipedia.

When I can access Wikipedia from anywhere on my iPhone I’ll have truly reached Hitchhiker’s Guide nirvana. And not just access it – edit it. Hell, I’ll be Ford Prefect! Roving researcher for the Guide – I mean Wikipedia.

I wonder if version 2 will come equipped with a sub-etha-sens-o-matic?

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  1. If the iPhone can read aloud from Wikipedia in a British accent, you will truly have reached Hitchhiker’s Guide nirvana (42).

  2. Did you alter this post from Zaphod to Ford?

  3. Just as long as you don’t start thinking digital watches are nifty. At least we have no worries of Apple ever having the reputation of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation!

  4. Yes, jesus, I did! I can’t believe I referred to Zaphod as the Guide researcher. It was of course Ford who was the researcher.

  5. Isn’t changing the substance of your post some sort of blooger ethics violation? I feel like I’ve been lied to. Here I was imagining you with two heads, and now I learn that you identify with a character that only has one…

  6. Ha! Well, I don’t think it “changed the substance” of the post, only corrected an error. And now that error, and the correction, has been noted in the comments so all is well as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

  7. Just so we’re clear though, you don’t have two heads, right?

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