I am an al-Qamera terrorist

June 22, 2007

I really, really hate the post 9/11 tendency toward the prohibition of photography. I guess it’s within the rights of any business or private individual to prohibit photography on their own property. I think in many cases it’s downright silly, but whatever. Only now some of these guys are trying to stop you from taking pictures on the street, too. Unbelievable. I’ve also heard of other cases where people taking pictures outdoors have been hassled by authorities.

For the record I have been ordered to cease my terrorist photography by the Chicago Apple store on Michigan ave, by Starbucks on 16th and Wisconsin, and by the Mayfair Mall security guards.


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  1. Hi Scott,

    I was just wondering if you might be interested in having me make a flash animated photo gallery for you at no charge. I need to make one to fill out my portfolio, and I figured that instead of just making a dummy one with some stock photos, I could make one that somebody could actually use.

    Just shoot me an email if you’re interested

  2. You can use my photos to make any darned thing you want, and I’ll be happy to post the result here! I’ll drop you an email to that effect, also… and thanks!

  3. Yes, the banning of photography anywhere is usually stupid.


    the “street” they’re talking about is not a real street. It is paved with blacktop and everything… but it’s straight private property. They close it off whenever they feel like, to make it a pedestrian fare. So legally, they may be right.

    Morally, and frankly in a good business-sense, they’re complete morons.

  4. I agree. The reactions have gone way overboard. And at the same time they are installing cameras at every street light they can find.


  5. technically places can only stop you from taking pictures if you are directly on the property. if it is public areas that are not indoors then you should be able to snap away. Ive taken many pictures in various spots and I learned from other professional photographers that as long as you don’t tresspass then it is fine.

  6. […] Remember when I got stopped in Mayfair Mall and told to cease my al Qamera terrorist activities? […]

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