It’s A Beautiful Barn

June 25, 2007

I have to remind local readers that there are some great pockets of cool out here west of Milwaukee.


  • The Steaming Cup – try the coffee and baked goods. Live music on Friday nights, too!
  • The Rochester Deli – OMG, the corned beef!
  • Sprizzo – open mic night on Friday’s. Try the James Bond martini.
  • House of Guinness – try a pint of its namesake and enjoy the live music.


  • Seester’s Mexican cafe – fish tacos to die for.
  • Piano Blu – nice martini menu, great live music.
  • It’s a Beautiful Day Cafe …

It’s this last establishment I want draw your attention to. I’ve written about it before: charm, atmosphere, live music, coffee, beer, wine, sandwiches and more. It’s owned and operated by my longtime friends Dan, Debbie and Angie Aukofer. I recommend calling ahead to reserve a table if you want an intimate evening with the wednesday or friday night entertainers. It’s definitely not a headbangers ball, nor a hopping club scene. It’s a relaxing, fun way to listen to classic rock, folk and other music rendered by a small acoustic group. There are a variety of musicians appear there, but consider yourself in luck if Dan drums or Debbie sings. Order a sandwich or a wrap, have a beer, and participate in the fun. Don’t be surprised if the folks at the next table sing along or shake sugar packets as musical instruments. It’s that kind of place. Plus, there’s a posh little boutique upstairs if you feel like a little shopping.

But wait, there’s more! Sometimes the Aukofers even have concerts in their barn – and man you should see this place. Decorated in early American hippie hodgepodge, and strewn with tables, chairs, sofas and loveseats. The stage is large and fitted with a variety of lights that would make your Christmas tree blush. Such a concert was held Saturday night. Sorry I don’t have more photos, but here’s one you should check out.

They say they’ll probably have more of these this summer, and I’ll do my best to let you know in advance. But the best way to find out what’s going on is to go down to the cafe some Wednesday or Friday night (reservations recommended), or stop in for breakfast or lunch. Give them a call at (262) 691-223, and check out their web site.


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  1. It's A Beautiful Barn .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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