What Would You Change?

June 25, 2007

If you could change just one physical characteristic about yourself, what would it be?

First, a disclaimer. I like myself just as I am and I do not generally obsess about my perceived imperfections. I assume you are also like this. Most people are, I expect (a zillion spam emails for “male enhancement” notwithstanding).

But let’s just suppose you were going to change one physical characteristic about yourself. We’re talking appearance, here, not health alone. Would you choose to be thinner? Blonder? More muscular? Maybe you’d like to have bigger eyes, higher cheekbones?

Despite my healthy levels of self confidence (some call it egotism but whatever), I could easily come up with half a dozen items that I might consider. But when it comes right down to it, I think I would choose to be three inches taller.

This may seem like a non-obvious choice for a man who only misses the 6-foot mark by half an inch, but think about it. Tall men get more attention from women. They get ahead in the workplace and make more money.

So how about it? What would you change if you had to pick one thing?


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  1. Hands down, I’d be a natural redhead.
    If could change more than one thing, I’d make myself just a little shorter. I’d love the be able to wear heels to make my legs look sexy without towering over everyone. I mean, 3inch heels make me stand at 6’5″!

  2. I’ve had fantasies like this all my life. Mostly I wish my body would stay just the way it was when I was younger and trimmer — so, I guess I’m not asking for anything new, just for nothing to have changed! The ravages of aging and pregnancy/childbirth have not been kind.

  3. Not sure if this counts, but I’d like my vocal cords changed so I had a singing voice. I can about one or two notes tops. Everything else makes dogs howl. I’m jealous of those born with the ability to sing. Wish I could do it too…

  4. I really like that answer.

  5. I higher IQ. Although physical coordination would be nice too.

  6. I’d gladly give up 10 IQ points for better work habits or more organizational skills.

  7. Organizational skills are over-rated, I think. A little bit of organization is a good thing but you quickly get to the point where it’s no longer time/cost effective to be ultra-organized. I am sticking with this theory despite any so called proof to the contrary šŸ˜›

  8. Back to physical attributes… I would give up quite a bit for a couple of inches in height. I’ve been stuck at 5′ 0” for a very long time!
    I an please to say that I have manages to keep my youthful figure with much excersize and will power, but after having three children and nursing all of them…I would like to be able to shop for a bra outside of the children’s section!!!
    I will accept donations for a “minor” enhancement.

  9. I’m supposed to be getting more women ’cause I’m taller? Why didn’t anyone tell me?!

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