24 hours to Jesusphone

June 28, 2007

1. I hope my strategy for getting my hands on one tomorrow pans out. Basically I’m going to race as far out of the city as I can get to go to a relatively lonely AT&T store. My gamble is that the line will be shorter. Here’s hoping.

2. If I should happen to get one, should I keep and activate it? Or should I quick flip it on craig’s list, hoping to make a couple hundred bucks on the deal? If I do the latter, I could wait to get a phone a week or two later.

3. I have enlisted two of Apple’s other bitches to accompany me on this journey. Naturally I’ll be photographing and perhaps even live-blogging the festivities.

4. A surprising number of people seem not to “get” what the iPhone is. It doesn’t have X feature, they say. Or it costs too much. Or they go on about how Apple is all about style and hype rather than good technology and value. Do I need to remind you that these are the same things people said about the iPod? “No wireless? Less space than a Nomad? Lame.” But today I bet Cmdr Taco has owned more than one iPod. What is Apple doing for the mobile phone? They saw that everyone had this thing in their pocket, but that most of its features were entirely opaque to them. They have internet and music capabilities, but they’re impossible to actually use. So people don’t use them. Well, Apple did what it does best: it saw what was broken and fixed it. Now everyone else will have to fix their shit, too.

5. Therefore, even if you don’t ever buy an iPhone, you can thank Apple for making your life better.

6. The future of the iPhone lies in three things: increased storage capacity (duh), the 3G network, and a new slightly smaller model that only does phone and music: the iPhone Nano. It’ll go for $250.

7. I’m already prepping my Address Book and an iTunes playlist so that when I plug this baby in I’ll be good to go.

8. OMG I’m getting an iPhone!

9. Shut up. You know you want one, too.

10. More tomorrow.


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  1. “9. Shut up. You know you want one, too.”

    Actually.. I think I’ll stick with my nice new Samsung phone…

    The iPhone is nice, it’s pretty, but it’s just not worth being locked into AT&T’s service for. If I could have gotten it from Verizon, I might have considered it, but since 99% of the people I talk to are on Verizon, there was no incentive for me to switch even with the promise of the iPhone.


  2. …waiting with baited breath. Good luck!

  3. Well?








  4. Hey Scott,

    I’m writing from my new iPhone!!!!!

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