iPhone First Impressions

June 30, 2007

1. It took overnight for my phone number to be ported. During that time my phone was entirely useless. That sucked! But when I got up this morning, everything was peachy.

2. Problem! I went to set up my gmail account (a hosted address: “scott@scottfeldstein.net,” not “something@gmail.com”), but quickly met a brick wall. The field where you put your address is already populated with an @gmail.com suffix, with no way to edit it. I suspect I’ll be waiting for a software update to allow me to use my hosted gmail account. Meanwhile, I can still access gmail through the Safari web browser, just as I do on my computer.

3. I’m unsure as to how to set up my work email on it. I think I’m going to have to check with the other nerds at work to find out the exact settings I need to use. We do support IMAP on our exchange server, so theoretically everything should work once I know how to configure it.

4. Google maps, photos, music, video and YouTube are amazingly cool on this thing. Surfing the web with Safari is also excellent – if you’re on WiFi instead of AT&T’s EDGE network. When you’re on EDGE, everything seems pretty okay except Safari and YouTube, which are pretty slow.

5. iPhone had no trouble connecting to my WiFi at home, and it automatically switches to it when I’m in range. Nice.

6. I have not played with the camera much, nor with bluetooth.

7. I rode my bike to the farmer’s market in downtown Waukesha this morning and people were stopping me on the street to ask about the phone. I even had one guy lean out of his car window when he was stopped at a red light: “Is that what I think it is?” Be prepared to get a lot of comments if you pick one of these babies up. Also beware of getting mugged for it. Seriously.


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  1. Hey Scott,

    I was pretty skeptical about mine when I bought it, and as I left the store I was 50/50 whether I’d keep it or return it. Little known fact…you can return your iPhone in the first 30 days for a full refund, and no cancellation fee from AT&T either. After 24 hours of ownership, this baby will be on my hip for a while. Take a look at the macfixit torture test. It’ll make you cringe, but it will also make you feel pretty good about the construction of this baby.

    The only thing I’d really like to see SOON is Flash support for embedded video.

  2. Flash or Java or Ruby or something. I’m sure we’ll see something like that shortly.

    I agree, though: I’m absolutely delighted with it so far. I saw a PC World “stress test” video. Clearly this thing isn’t too fragile.

    Got Yahoo! mail working, by the way. I just wanted to see how the mail program works. Hopefully I’ll get my gmail and work mail figured out shortly.

  3. For your hosted gmail account, do not choose gmail, choose other, then set up the account (look at your Mail.app settings to figure out the ports and all).

  4. The problem with that is you’re left with three choices: Exchange, POP and IMAP. Exchange clearly won’t work. I do not want POP, as I need my mail to be available on the web for when I’m accessing it by other computers. IMAP…is not supported by Gmail. So “Other” probably isn’t going to help me.

  5. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2152500,00.asp – I guess something is coming for Exchange.

  6. Actually, other will work since gmail uses POP:

    incoming server: pop.gmail.com
    outgoing: smtp.gmail.com, port 587, uses SSL

    Gleaned from how I setup my server settings in Mail.app. 😉

  7. Yes, i decided to use POP and leave messages on the server. So far so good.

  8. I thought of you when I saw this:


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