Me in Springfield

July 5, 2007

(Props to Karen)


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  1. Wow. You’ve been working out again! No Duff for you. Interesting choice of footwear. I can even hear you saying “There’s no place like Waukesha. There’s no place like Waukesha.” Even your hair line is right on, well, almost.

  2. don’t make me bust out the Charles avatar!

  3. Are you wearing a “yellow power” t-shirt?

  4. everyone seems to be able to make one that looks like themselves. I tried, but I think it’s the hair.

  5. do-oh!

  6. There are no options with glasses. That seems short-sighted (hah!) to me.

  7. there are glasses you just have to go deeper into the eye selction menu. There is an arrow on the right for more choices.

  8. Sam, thanks for letting me know. They must have added those since I first worked up my Av a couple weeks back. Now I look like me!

  9. Excelent!

    I went there and printed Springfield versions of some of my friends, some Television personalities and then Bush and Cheney.

    Too bad there are no other clothing options, the best I could do is make Bush & Cheney’s shirts and pants a stately gray.

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