Eight Random Facts

August 5, 2007

Phel has tagged me with the “eight random facts” meme. The bloggers code forbids me to refuse, so here goes…

  1. I have owned every Nintendo console game system ever made. It’s mostly Zelda that keeps me loyal. Shigeru Miyamoto is a genius of Steve Jobsian proportions, IMO.
  2. I’m highly ticklish.
  3. I like brightly colored shoes. Witness my red checked Vans. I even secretly wanted a bright orange or yellow pair of Crocks, even though they’re hideously ugly.
  4. My flamboyant taste in shoes does not extend to socks, however: just black and white. No confusion when folding laundry there!
  5. I don’t often go to Summerfest, but when I do I tend to be most interested in the artsy-craftsy shopping than anything else.
  6. When it rains my car collects a half an inch of water in the front passenger floor area, which I then have to suck out with the $0.75 vacuum at the gas station.
  7. I do not sleep on a regular bed. I have a very low, very inexpensive futon. In size it’s about a full, I think.
  8. There’s a decent cigar bar in downtown Waukesha called The Nice Ash. I refer to it as The Winchester, after the movie Shawn of the Dead.

I tag Bruce and Jay.


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  1. 🙂

    All that futon, and you can still do all those martial arts moves? I’d long ago be frozen sideways!

  2. Think of it as my one tip of the hat to shaolin monk asceticism. 🙂

  3. “When it rains my car collects a half an inch of water in the front passenger floor area”

    IIRC you have a Saturn SC-1 or 2…. The door seals are HORRIBLE especially on the part on top of the door. The ones on my old SC-1 used to come off all the time. Check those and glue them on if you have to and that *should* fix the water problem.

    If not, it’s a bigger issue.


  4. Yes, I have an SC-1. I can’t identify anything wrong with the weatherstripping visually. Maybe I should just randomly glue the shit out of it.

  5. I could get the welder out and you could enter the vehicle Dukes of Hazard style….of course, you would then need to leave the windows open, which does not fix your water problem… :-/

  6. Right on! Zelda is built from 100% awesome.

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