August 27, 2007

Though I’ve been getting fatter and weaker from hardly ever going to class at J. K. Lee, at least I’ve been able to catch a good martial arts movie: Jet Li’s Fearless. Watch this trailer. Really, watch it.

Cool, eh? Now here’s the fun part. Huo Yuanjia was a real guy in China who took on foreign fighters just like the movie. Apparently he’s still known as a hero in China today.

Furthermore, this is one of the good martial arts movies, like Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers, etc. Do yourself a favor and rent it. You won’t be sorry.


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  1. I totally agree. A great movie.

  2. Excellent movie – it really shows Jet Li’s talent as a martial artist with and without weapons. This movie is not like Unleashed or some of his previous movies with all out good guy fighting the bad guy story lines. It is supposed to be true and reflects the mindset and honor of a true martial artist.

  3. Hey I heard that someone is remaking Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon but I’m not sure who is starring. Does anyone know for sure?

  4. Wow, you’re right. Warner Bros. is planning a remake of the 1973 film Enter the Dragon. The remake will be called Awaken the Dragon. No word yet on who’s in it or when it will be released.

  5. Yeah, this movie is the bomb. Along with the other movies you mentioned, I also like Iron Monkey. The plot is pretty lightweight, but it has tons of expertly executed fight scenes.

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