So this robber walks into a martial arts school…

September 12, 2007

As Rene Montagne says: if only this guy had seen more Jackie Chan movies he might have seen it coming.

Sometimes when I’m locking up my car in the parking lot of J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy, I’m struck by the irony of it: what idiot would break into a car at a martial arts school? Aren’t there hundreds of safer bets around town? I guess thieves and robbers aren’t usually known for their smarts, but sheesh.


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  1. Most criminals aren’t smart, so don’t count on intelligence as a deterrent to robbing a car in Martial Arts school parking lot or even a police station parking lot. The news, Leno, Cops are full of people committing stupid crimes which makes you ask – what were they thinking? They wrongfully count on not being caught.

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