New developments in music downloads

September 25, 2007

Amazon has just let loose with their AmazonMP3 download store. Finally someone besides Apple made something in this space that doesn’t outright suck!

What’s cool? A first perusal indicates that it has some decent variety, especially for just opening. Also, DRM-hatas everywhere rejoice: there isn’t any! Audiophiles may find the downloads mo’ betta’, too, because they’re 256 bitrate encoded. Own an iPod? These work on it. Own another player? Probably works there, too. Final cool thing: in many cases the prices are cheaper than Apple’s!

What’s not so cool? I guess I’m just spoiled by Apple’s store, but Amazon’s looks like shit. Plus, the URLs are unintelligible, so I can’t cut and paste them easily to my friends to say “hey, check this out.” Oh, and about those prices? I think the catch is, the prices can vary. Meaning, you could pay less than Apples 99¢, but you could pay more. This is, after all, what the recording industry kept pressuring Apple to do and what Apple steadfastly refused to do. Time will tell if this works to anyone’s benefit but the recording industry. I’m betting not.

Verdict: I bought Feist’s 1234 with my existing Amazon account without a hitch. It imported into iTunes (with the help of some mysterious application Amazon wanted me to install) and everything worked great.

Try it! I don’t dare trust the cryptic url i my browser’s address bar, so I’ll have to tell you how to get there. Go to Amazon.com, and look on the left for MP3 Music Downloads.


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  1. So is their software actually required like it says? I’d love to try this out, but no Linux version of the software is available.


  2. The software looked like a browser plugin that functioned as a download manager. It also automatically transferred the downloaded file to iTunes for me. Is it required? I really don’t know. It shouldn’t be. You’re just downloading an MP3, after all. But possibly it is.

  3. found my answer

    “If you use Linux, you can currently buy individual songs. A Linux version of the Amazon MP3 Downloader is under development, and when released will allow entire album purchases.”


  4. Another plus for Amazon.

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