I don’t get it

September 27, 2007

How will toppling another petty middle-eastern dictator and further eroding the civil rights of Americans help global warming?

Okay, okay. It’s a nice change to see someone in the Republican party saying something about climate change that doesn’t include the word “hoax,” but couldn’t they come up with a better analogy? One that brings to mind government competence, progress and success?


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  1. Did you catch Bjorn Lomborg talking about global warming on Bill Maher’s show the other day? It was great. Here’s Scott Adams’s take on it (which is also great):

  2. Theoretically we would then place all of that oil under the control of the next U.S. President and Congress, who would no doubt be eco-friendly… and apply those policies to the Iranian oil.

    Unless someone comes up with an alternative fuel vehicle and power plant design that’s cost effective and cheap (and actually powerful) in the next few years, world oil consumption is going to skyrocket. The late 20th century will have amounted to nothing by way of comparison.

    If Bush hands over control of the vast majority of the world’s oil resources to the party of Al Gore, would he not then be the most effective environmental crusader in history? He’s really just doing the dirty work of the environmental movement. I mean, come now – you don’t actually believe that the OPEC countries will slow their output to places like China, India, and emerging parts of Africa and their exponential growth in oil consumption just because us well-meaning Prius-drivers asked them nicely do you?

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