October 10, 2007

Do you have a favorite mint or mint gum? I ask this because I like mints, but most of them are terrible. First off there’s the wintergreen/ spearmint/ peppermint debate. Peppermint is what I like. But even then, sometimes they’re too strong or too weak. Other times they have other strange flavors in them: anise, licorice or vanilla. Finally, most of them are just too sweet.

So what’s good? My current favorite is Altiods Sugar-Free Peppermint Chewing Gum. They’re terrific. One is a refreshing lift. Two is an exhilarating rush. Not too sweet, no strange flavors, and very pepperminty. I keep a tin in the dash of my car pretty much all the time.

As an added bonus, the empty tin is the perfect size to carry my moo cards in! How’s that for classy.

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  1. three weeks ago I bought a pack of orbit. It’s in the glove compartment. It stunk up my car for the first two. Now I dare peek into the glove compartment before slamming it shut.

    Here is the real kicker. Overnight, I left a bag from Starbucks in the glove compartment with the gum – one snickerdoodle in said bag.

    The next day I had a munchie attack.

    Snickerdoodle was not the wonderful cinnamon I so desired. It was a mint cookie. It had been…. decinnamonized.


  2. Peppermint BreathSavers. They’re nothing but chemicals (first ingredient: sorbitol!), but I love ’em. I got hooked on them when I quit smoking several years ago. They don’t have a weird fake sugar taste and they’re usually just a tiny bit soft.

  3. Don’t chew gum. On the very rare occasion that I do, I prefer cinnamon. As APC I suck on BreathSavers. At my age, some chemicals are welcome.

  4. I don’t chew gum all that often…nor do I use mints. I have, however, always been a huge fan of the original Altoids (the red tin). Otherwise, I’m usually chewing something like Big Red or generic bubblegum.

    Btw, what are moo cards?


  5. Moo cards are small business cards printed with images from one’s flickr account (or other sources). People seem delighted at their size and the weight of the stock. Also, you can order 100 of them and have each one be a different image if you want. Very cool. Learn more here:


  6. I like Altoids smalls. Peppermint mainly, but sometimes Wintergreen. A fairly constant use of peppermint ones once kept my nose from running for a 14 hour drive across the country.

  7. […] Feldstein asks about our favorite mint or gum. Those Altoids boxes are […]

  8. Big fan of the Arctic Chill gum from Dentyne. Really big blast of mint up front, which I like because I smoke and my taste buds are destroyed.

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