I’m not cut out for it

October 15, 2007

There’s a reason I don’t get video cameras and follow politicians around. There’s a reason I’m not that kind of political activist. First of all, it’s not my style. I’d feel like an asshole badgering a senator with questions – even if they’re good ones. But that’s not the main reason. The main reason is because if the chief of staff of an elected official got in my face and called me un-American, I’d kick his ass right there on camera. What am I, Ghandi? I’d completely lose it. The satisfaction of making him pick his own teeth out of the waffle of my shoe would not be worth going to jail. And that’s why I’m not a political activist.


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  1. Scott, someday you will reject many of the liberal principles that you currently hold. You’re nearly normal.
    In fact, Scott you have some very good instincts.

  2. “if the chief of staff of an elected official got in my face and called me un-American, I’d kick his ass right there on camera.”

    Some of us might pay money to see that, Rep. or Dem.!

  3. There are better things to do with your time, Scott. Be glad you’re not “one of those people.”

  4. Oh, and doesn’t the guy in the background at the -40 second mark look like Sean Hackbarth?

  5. Just because someone has video camera doesn’t mean they have the right to get into someone’s face forging courtesy and respect. The news media and more over the paparazzi seem to have set the trend. Now everyone with a camera thinks they are a budding Michael Moore. I really don’t know the politician in the video (Republican or Democrat?), but he took some to time to provide an impromptu response to the person behind the video camera. Everyone has the right to ask questions and the representative has the right to answer or not. Not liking the response does give that person the right to follow and hound the guy. Try email, letters, the phone, meetings or even organized protests for follow up, but the new method seems to be to ambush and get in their face. I don’t agree with calling these jerks unpatriotic, but I do think politicians and actors should have the right to just beat down inconsiderate, disrespectful assholes that walk up and get in their faces. Just because you get an answer you don’t like, doesn’t give you the right badger and stalk a representative into an on the spot debate. I really don’t like Hillary Clinton’s politics, but if I met her in person I would show her respect and courtesy. Call me old fashioned, but I grew up in the Chicago area and this sort of behavior resulted in a cracked skull or broken nose.

  6. I have to agree with Bill S.

    The guy with the video camera was harassing. Once the politician made it clear that he was done answering the guy’s questions, he should have been more passive.
    And then get the hypocrisy of the guy with the camera. When the Chief of Staff started turning the questions around on the guy he gets all defensive and claims he’s the one being harassed.

    The guy needs to get a grip.

  7. Well, I think the guy with the camera is being jerky. Said so at the beginning. But not the kind of jerky that would move me to violence. The chief of staff guy is in a whole other ballpark of assholiness. That guy is way out of line. He’s clearly a worse jerkface than the guy with the camera.

  8. I would actually say that the guy with the camera was being a bigger asshole. Although the whole “you want us to lose in Iraq” line said to people that want to end the war is total horse-shit, most of the other stuff he said seemed fair enough considering the circumstances. And doesn’t Toyota make more cars in America than GM?

  9. I don’t think asking someone when they are going to vote a certain way – no matter how doggedly – is anywhere near as offensive than the vicious personal insults vomited from the mouth of that snarling chief of staff guy. I’d hurt that guy and apologize later.

  10. What would you do if a guy was following you around with a camera and asking the same two questions for 5 minutes? Or harrassing your wife while she’s hanging out with your neighbors at your house? (or something like that. The video obviously doesn’t tell us that whole story). I think I’d hit the guy with the camera well before I’d hit the other guy.

    Actually, I wouldn’t hit either because I’m a lover, not a fighter. But you get my point.

  11. […] Scott Feldstein shares a video and tells us why he doesn’t follow politicians around. […]

  12. This “cameraman” is really lucky that Trent (sp) was so civilized. I too must agree with Bill S.

    That kind of behavior would definitely not be tolerated for very long in my neck of the woods either because it represents a lack of candor and good will.

    He wasn’t looking for a solution; he was looking for a video clip to show his buddies at the next MoveOn mope-fest.

  13. I reiterate: it’s one thing to dog someone with a video camera asking political questions, it’s entirely another to coolly get in someone’s face and say that they’re anti-American scum. I give Mr. cameraman a C+ at most on the asshole-o-meter. Mr “you hate America” gets an A-.

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