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October 17, 2007

So I’m standing in the back yard last night chatting with my neighbor when – wham! – I see a flying squirrel.

Shut up! It really was a flying squirrel!

I was standing there talking when I saw something swoop out of the sky and land smack on the trunk of a tree fifteen feet away. Then it scurried up the trunk and disappeared into the canopy.

“Holy shit,” I said. “That was a flying squirrel!” It was way too big to be a bat, I observed. It was twice as large as any bat i’ve ever seen. It prompted me to go inside and google flying squirrels. Do we even have such creatures here in Wisconsin? Turns out we do. They’re nocturnal, which is why people don’t usually see them.


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  1. Any moose with the squirrel?

  2. Yep.. used to have two different places as I was growing up in northern WI that had nests of them.. Smaller than a regular gray squirrel, and surpise the heck out of you when they swoop down from nowwhere and smack into a nearby tree…but kinda fun to watch for right at dusk! They are a pretty stupid critter…. with little fear of dogs or people usually… thus they don’t always have the longest life span… 😦

  3. Cool..so now I want to actually see one. Probably no moose though.. 🙂

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