No Schmear

November 21, 2007

I object to the use of the word “schmear,” as in something one spreads on a bagel.

First of all, it must not be actual cream cheese, otherwise they’d say so. Kind of like “cheese food.” The one thing you know for sure is that it’s not cheese.

Second, and most importantly, it sounds vaguely like something that happens to women during a pelvic exam.


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  1. Mmmm… Bagels with schmear.


  2. That grosses me out every single time.

  3. If it helps, the correct spelling for something done at a Gyno exam is “smear”.
    “Schmear” is more the game we played as kids, currently politically incorrect – schmear the Q—-.


  4. And apparently schmear is also a legitimate term having to do with playing sheepshead. I simply object to it being used to describe bagel spread.

  5. It’s yiddish and describes cream cheese completely legitimately.

  6. Wikipedia seems to agree with you. Funny neither I nor my Jewish office mate knew this.

  7. It always makes me think of smegma…not just the sound of the word but also the whole cheesy texture thing. I’m really making myself sick thinking about it actually.

  8. BTW, Karen you and I should get together after the holidays and have lunch and bitch about the doctors we work for — although I have to say, your doctor is pretty decent but there are a lot of others in that building who make me want to line them up for a firing squad!

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